How KeyBank Supports Small Business

From valuable tools to expert advice, banking provides the financial foundation for business

Whether businesses are starting up or scaling up, they all need sustained support to help them get to their goals. Throughout its history, one regional banking leader has built its name on business – especially its funding solutions for small businesses. Named one of the top-15 Small Business Administration (SBA) lenders in country, KeyBank has made money more accessible for two decades. “Getting capital into the hands of more small businesses remains a top priority for us,” according to Jim Fliss, national manager of KeyBank’s SBA Program. “These small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the communities we proudly serve.”

Not only does KeyBank provide lending solutions for growing enterprises, the banking leader has also created a powerful platform to share resources – including business calculators, planning tools, hands-on workbooks, and inspirational success spotlights. “Small businesses are the cornerstone of our communities,” says Mike Walters, KeyBank’s president of business banking, in a 3BL Media article. “They create jobs, fuel the local economy, and help contribute to the character of the neighborhoods we live and work in. By fostering a supportive environment, we’re able to invest in and empower entrepreneurs, increase their confidence, and help their business run better.”

The bank inspires with diverse success stories, like its feature on a black woman breaking barriers. Shawni Davis, the founder of Luminary Electrical in Syracuse, NY, had the experience to start a new electrical contracting company, but needed financial resources to make that business thrive. “As a bank, we need to support the small business operator and owner who is then supporting the local market with jobs,” says Rachel Galusha, KeyBank’s business banking relationship manager. For Rachel, the personal relationship made a difference. Davis says, “KeyBank is literally just a phone call or e-mail away. They’ve helped me establish a high-interest money market account, which is something I never even thought of.”

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