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In this episode, Sean and Gina discuss how using an empathy-led approach is key to living in this moment with your customers and planning for a safe branch reopening strategy.

Ask An Expert

Gina Bleedorn discusses how banks must begin optimizing their branch networks now.

Gina Bleedorn Adrenaline Agency

In this segment, Gina addresses the need to build efficiencies into the physical branch channel. As many consumers have acclimated to digital channels in the current environment, many may not return post-COVID, but there are format options to help you reshape your network.  Optimizing your delivery through the branch channel is critical to weather this storm and put you on a positive path toward the future.

We believe that banking can help us overcome this crisis and emerge stronger for it.


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Outside View

What Banking Can Learn from Panera’s Covid Pivot

Panera Grocery Pivot During COVID crisis

In the last few weeks, Panera announced the launch of Panera Grocery, a new delivery service offering same day fresh bread, produce and staples delivered right to their customer’s doors. Within only two weeks of most statewide lockdown orders, Panera had reimagined their existing supply chain and mobilized their resources to serve customers where they were, shifting operations to capitalize on one of the few sectors where consumer spending is on the rise and on demand. It’s a powerful example of living up to the brand’s promise—“Food as it should be”—during the crisis, while serving shareholders by ensuring competitive advantage.

Food for Thought:

  • How can your financial institution shift operations to serve people at home during this time?
  • What functions can be quickly moved to your existing digital or mobile infrastructure?

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*the average amount of increase in shareholder returns from banks with high customer experience scores

The StoryThe McKinsey recent financial services report opening salvo emphasizes the current critical role of banking, stating: The last time there was a global crisis, banks were widely perceived to be a big part of the problemThis time around, banks are central to the solution.” The report goes on to explore how vital both employee and customer experience are to ensuring successful pivots during times of crisis. 


The TakeawayIt’s always the right time to do the right thing. And now more than ever, investing in both employee support and helping members and customers make the most of digital and physical channels can become a true competitive advantage with long-term payoffs. 

Sharing Successes

COVID banking wins in action

For many financial brands, the early days of the crisis meant they either silenced their advertising efforts or continued on business-as-usual. For Town & Country Federal Credit Union in Portland, Maine, a quick, effective pivot in their digital marketing strategy reaped immediate rewards and has translated into some significant longer-term results and relationships.

Within days of the COVID crisis, TCFCU deployed a paid search campaign for a crisis loan product they made available, meeting a true need for their members and their local community. That campaign realized an eye-popping 1,009% increase in reach compared to their standard ad campaigns, along with a 429% increase in conversions with people applying on the website. 

While the digital campaign strategy was focused on support for their members and community—rather than acquisition of new members—the results have nevertheless given the brand a sustained reach into new audiences. Months later, online searches for the brand are up 70%, an increase of 400% in clicks from their mobile app, and a 35% increase in overall new visitors to the site for this year.

As part of a larger marketing strategy focusing on ways the credit union can help support their community throughout the crisis, the brand has turned its digital marketing efforts into a powerful engine for engagement and brand growth with effects expected to extend well into the post-COVID era.

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The COVID crisis has driven people to increasingly focus on trust over time when it comes to their banking decisions.

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