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Whether businesses are starting up or scaling up, they all need sustained support to help them get to their goals. Throughout its history, one regional banking leader has built its name on business – especially its funding solutions for small businesses. Named one of the top-15 Small Business Administration (SBA) lenders in country, KeyBank has made money more accessible for two decades. “Getting capital into the hands of more small businesses remains a top priority for us,” according to Jim Fliss, national manager of KeyBank’s SBA Program. “These small businesses are the backbone of our economy and the communities we proudly serve.”

Not only does KeyBank provide lending solutions for growing enterprises, the banking leader has also created a powerful platform to share resources – including business calculators, planning tools, hands-on workbooks, and inspirational success spotlights. “Small businesses are the cornerstone of our communities,” says Mike Walters, KeyBank’s president of business banking, in a 3BL Media article. “They create jobs, fuel the local economy, and help contribute to the character of the neighborhoods we live and work in.”

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Of financial institutions say their rebrand positively impacted their organization’s overall brand value
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The Story: 

The need for brand differentiation is one of the core challenges all companies face, and something that’s especially true for financial brands awash in a sea of sameness. But banks and credit unions that invest in their brands reap big rewards, according to new data in Adrenaline’s ROI of Rebranding report. A survey of financial institutions finds that nearly nine-tenths of them report greater brand value to their organizations following their rebrand efforts. Even more, banks and credit unions rank improved company culture, customer/member growth, and business growth as the top-three areas most impacted by rebranding.  

The Takeaway: 

The report also features an analysis of financial institution clients who underwent rebrands and found bottom line benefits, with rebranded banks realizing a 13.6% increase in compound annual growth rate (CAGR), compared to 7.4%, the U.S. industry average. “The conversation has changed,” says Juliet D’Ambrosio, Chief Experience Officer of Adrenaline on the Believe in Banking Podcast. “I’ve been at Adrenaline for five years having these kind of conversations with banking leaders and there is a macro story to be told around the business advantage of brand that five years ago was not widely understood. Today, there is a sea change in this industry in which the business advantage a brand [has]… everyone now understands it.”  

Source: Adrenaline, “ROI of Rebranding: Best Practices to Measure Business Value for Financial Brands,” May, 2024

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