How is COVID-19 impacting customer experience?

Three experts weigh in on CX’s rising influence and critical touchpoints

According to a recent article in The Financial Brand, “You can’t take COVID-19 out of the picture as you assess the future of this key marketing discipline.” While the pandemic has sped up digital adoption among consumers and demanded more customer-facing tech from brands, it has also “made some old things new again.” To get to the heart of CX in our COVID era, The Financial Brand interviewed three experts – including Adrenaline’s CXO Gina Bleedorn – who break down their fundamentals for financial institutions in 2021.

Here are their six key takeaways:

  1. Merging of Digital and Physical – Stop thinking about “physical” and “digital” as two distinct categories. The customer journey is comprised of both and it should be seamless.
  2. Confluence of Employee and Customer Experience – The line between employee experience and customer experience will blur further in 2021 with employees driving better CX.
  3. ITMs as Part of Network Optimization – If deployed properly, ITMs will be a key way to improve both customer experience and banking efficiency in branch networks.
  4. Mobile Apps Lead in Remote Transactions – Mobile will comprise even more banking transactions driven by consumers’ desire for contactless and remote service.
  5. Remote Consultation with Appointment-Setting – The Telehealth trend suggests that video banking consultations could increase, if coupled with the convenience of appointments.
  6. Inclusion as a Brand Priority – Diversity and inclusion is moving to the center of a brand’s promise as concerns about corporate values infuse every aspect of banking.


The glue that binds all of these elements together is trust, which Bleedorn says, “must be embedded in every aspect of efforts to improve customer experience.”  For a more detailed analysis of customer experience in financial services from The Financial Brand’s article, visit “An Exploration of CX in the COVID Era” in Adrenaline’s newsroom.