Banking’s Best: Artful, Engaging Approaches to Digital Signage

Digital signage in banking is attracting attention. Eye-catching designs and displays are popping up all across North America, generating both buzz and benefits for banks. Making the most of people and place, digital signage is creating compelling experiences at the branch. Today, more than 90% of financial institutions have deployed digital signage in at least one of their branches; and of those that have, 62% have more than one display in each location. Most importantly, though, this signage is building brand awareness in competitive markets and deepening conversations with customers inside the branch.

Valley Bank’s deployment of large-scale digital signage at its Manhattan flagship branch caught the attention of the signage industry – thanks to its unique, artful approach to brand building. A recent discussion between banking expert Bradley Cooper, editor at ATM Marketplace, and Daniel Brown, editor at Digital Signage Today, explored the ways Valley’s signage “engages customers and kindles confidence” by combining technology and the human touch. “You’re listening to what customers say and you’re engaging them in a conversation,” Cooper said. “I think that’s really the secret sauce: How do you engage your customers in a conversation?”

But signage doesn’t have to be grand in scale or even be inside of a branch to be impactful. TD Bank has used an innovative signage backer and surround to make its ATM stand out at Canada’s busiest travel hub – Union Station in Toronto – where more than a million commuters pass through every week. With stunning seasonal content and real-time imagery that transitions from day to night, the signage elevates what would normally be a utilitarian tool – an ATM – into a surprising statement, with the goal of “creating a peaceful oasis in one of the busiest locations in Toronto,” according to TD Bank, bringing a little of the beauty of the natural world indoors.

Digital surround courtesy of Sixteen-Nine

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