Digital Signage Is an Essential Element of the Branch Banking Experience

The Story:

Digital signage is becoming more prominent in all retail spaces, but especially in banking, where 90% of financial institutions are installing signs in at least one of their branches. Not only has digital signage proven effective in modernizing the look of branches, it is also instrumental in optimizing the way the branch functions, as well, with 49% of banking leaders reporting greater brand awareness and better outcomes for product promotions when digital signage is deployed in the retail banking channel.  

The Takeaway:

For digital signage to pay off in branches, banks and credit unions should have a well-planned and cohesive strategy. Content needs to be high quality with optimal dwell time and smart playlisting to ensure that the right messages are seen by the right customers at the right time. “Needing access to resources, financial institutions are successfully leaning on partner companies to provide that kind of fresh, relevant and timely content,” says Rick Barrick in Connecting with Customers in the Branch. Even more, to make the most of their technological investments, banks and credit unions are training staff how to leverage interactive signage within the branch and use it to spark and deepen consultations with customers.


Source: DBSI, “9th Annual Digital Signage and Marketing Benchmarking Report for Banks and Credit Unions,” February, 2023