Gen Z Consumers Choose Brands That Understand Them

The Story:

The Gen Z customer is a conscious consumer who prefers to support brands that align with their values and recognize their wants and needs, according to data on reaching digital natives where they are. Fortunately, social media gives voice to these individuals, enabling brands to see what interests and moves them, as they use these channels in new and novel ways.

The Takeaway:

Not only do brands need to understand Gen Z consumer preferences, but they should also show it. “For brands, this could be as simple as letting consumers know their voices are heard,” says Sprout Social. “Or as significant as releasing a new product, experience or piece of content based on consumer feedback.” Even more, social listening and conversation monitoring — using analytics tools to look for keywords, hashtags and trending topics — will provide valuable insights about brand sentiment and consumer preferences. By keeping a pulse on these conversations, brands will be more equipped to engage and create meaningful content that resonates.

Source: Sprout Social, “How To Make Sure You’re Marketing to Gen Z the Right Way,” July, 2021