Dollar General Shows “It’s Here for What Matters” in the New Mission-Forward Campaign

How the retailer’s purpose-driven marketing strategy is driving growth

Among the many industry changes sparked by the pandemic, one of the most notable is across the retail sector. Prime example: Dollar General is booming as consumers seek both value for their money and brands aligned with their values. In the first quarter of 2021, “Dollar General’s sales rose by more than 25% compared to pre-pandemic levels,” according to GlobalData Managing Director Neil Saunders in RetailDive’s article on key sector’s retail resiliency, as the brand strengthened bonds with customers it gained during COVID. “These included middle- and higher-income shoppers who started using Dollar General for the first time because it was local and easy to access” throughout the pandemic.

Now, the store known for its prevalence in small-town America is making its heart for service the cornerstone of the brand, as it further expands its appeal. Launching its first integrated brand campaign, Dollar General is showing that it’s “here for what matters” with an emotionally rich, 90-second narrative spot that “encompasses both its corporate story and its mission of serving others,” according to Ad Week’s brand coverage. The campaign features a new campaign landing page and leverages multimedia, digital and social, including paid partnership features in Forbes and Fortune to reach new audiences.

On Here for What Matters, Dollar General puts its passion for service upfront: “Our mission is simple: Serving Others. Every time we open our doors, we do so with that commitment in mind. Whether it’s offering affordable access to name brands in convenient locations, creating jobs that grow into meaningful careers or investing in life-changing educational programs, we strive every day to impact the communities we call home.” With brand elements spotlighting service, Dollar General shows how it has targeted all of its products and experiences – for customers, employees and communities – toward a meaningful mission.

Putting purpose at the core of its brand, Dollar General is supercharging its growth, even through tough times, with a campaign that brings values to the forefront for a new audience and a new era. For more information on more financial brands can leverage the power of purpose for more connection and growth, stay tuned to Believe in Banking as it tracks the big trends that are impacting financial services or contact us at

Photo Credit: Dollar General’s Facebook Page, August 2021