Consumers Value Self-Service Technology in Retail

The Story: As consumers increasingly return to in-person shopping, they have high expectations of retail brands. While digital channels got a big boost during the last 18+ months, what consumers want most from retail now is not necessarily shiny new technology, but smart solutions that prize efficiency and help them make the most of their time in the store. 

The Takeaway: Consumers reward companies that implement robust omnichannel strategies, giving more business to brands that provide options for them to interact in multiple ways. Ultimately, though, it’s not technology that people want most from brands, it’s balance. Yes, they want omnichannel shopping experiences – especially those that incorporate effective self-service – but any tech deployed in the store should focus on adding the most value and personalization to retail experiences.   

Source: Morning Brew-Harris Poll, Retail Technology Used by U.S. Adults, June 2021