Content is King: Marketing Best Practices for Banks & Credit Unions

Content focused on financial literacy and education can create meaningful connections with customers

Spring is the season of renewal, and in 2021 that holds true more than ever. As consumer confidence rises, community banking’s economic outlook appears ever more optimistic. People are returning en masse to in-person retail and a record number of consumers are considering switching their primary financial institution. All of this renewed activity means banks and credit unions have a big opportunity for new customer engagement and acquisition. All marketing channels should be activated from the brand to the branch to help stand out and connect with potential customers in meaningful, relevant ways.

A vital part of any omnichannel marketing approach is content marketing. These strategies and tactics connect and convert through the power of valuable content that doesn’t explicitly sell, but rather meets consumers where they are and provides useful insights to inform the customer journey. 

With the potential to double website conversions, and significantly boost SEO, content marketing is a powerful tool that when laddered with paid media helps fuel the organic reach of banking brands. And as today’s post-COVID consumers focus on achieving financial wellness – and actively seek advice from their FIs – content focused on financial literacy and education can make direct connections and lay the foundation of trust so essential to building loyal customer relationships.  

Portland, Oregon-based Umpqua Bank’s blog is an excellent example of strong content marketing, with engaging entries organized around key areas of retail and business customer interests: Family life, Business success, Money Matters, Community. Keyword-rich posts published two to three times a week ensure strong discoverability and domain authority for the bank’s website. 

Source: Umpqua Bank

Similarly, Navy Federal Credit Union delivers a robust stream of financial education and planning content on its advice-rich blog, with posts geared toward audiences at different stages of their financial journey – from retirement to first-time home buying. Posts also feature narrative storytelling, using real member examples to inspire and inform readers on their own path. Posts are amplified across the credit union’s social channels, turning each piece of content into a multi-channel magnet for generating interest among potential members.

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