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Data-Driven Decision-Making in Banking

Leveraging data to inform brand experience, branch design and meaningful marketing in financial services In today’s data-rich environment, brands are awash in a sea of information. From customer insights to market and consumer research and more, data is the water we swim in every day. But for many organizations, determining how to effectively employ …

What's Next - How Banking Copes with COVID's Near Term Challenges

What’s Next: How Banking Copes with COVID’s Near-Term Challenges

A snapshot of how the financial services sector is preparing for what lies ahead and a brand to branch checklist for mid-term success In our last feature, we explored banking’s resilient response to COVID. Surely, the immediate impact on the banking system has been both deep and wide with most financial institutions hyper-focused on …

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As the Economy Expands, Retail Rebounds

Good news for transactions at the store and the branch as brick-and-mortar shopping returns in force As COVID’s initial lockdowns drove consumers en masse off the high street, out of malls and boutiques and headlong into the digital realm of online shopping, analysts predicted a grim future for retail. Adding to buying trends that …


Gina Bleedorn discusses coping with COVID’s economic impact and consumer disruption

Q: How can I ready my branch network for the dual demands of economic and consumer disruption following COVID? Adrenaline’s Chief Experience Officer Gina Bleedorn discusses how the financial industry is at a crossroads right now in the wake of the pandemic. COVID’s impact on the economy married to consumer behavior is ushering in …

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Believe In Banking Podcast: Episode #14

In this episode, Sean and Gina discuss how COVID has served as low tide, exposing whether a bank’s fundamental elements – like the brand and branch network – are up to the challenge. They take a listener question about how he can help his community bank and discuss banking’s openness to change in this …