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Access to Financial Expertise Major Driver for Switching Banks

The Story: New data from CGI’s Financial Consumer Report outlines the key reasons consumers report they switch banking providers. Looking …


How Reinvesting in Key Branch Locations Improves Customer Acquisition

The Story: As bank branch closures drive customer departures, studies find that 60% of “mobile-only” customers in the U.S. and …

Percentage of financial product purchases that come from companies other than a customer’s primary financial institution

Banks Can Prevent Customer Defection by Using Personalization to Offer More Products

The Story: As fintech continues inroads into banking, FIs are discovering that their current checking and savings account customers may …

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Bank Marketing

Brand to Branch: Top-5 Ways for Financial Brands to Invest Where it Matters

Best practices for activating data, smarter marketing and leveraging local influence A rebounding post-COVID economy and shifting consumer sentiment have put banks and credit …

60% of mid-sized FIs whose top priority is increasing new-to-bank account openings
Banks and Credit Unions

FIs drive needed customer acquisition through data-driven marketing

The Story: As COVID generates more switching activity among both consumers and businesses, new customer acquisition is even more crucial …

69% of US consumers who now prioritize support for local institutions
Banking Industry

Brand loyalty shifts to local during COVID

The Story: As COVID’s initial lockdowns have transformed into a socially-distanced new normal, people’s brand loyalties and behaviors have shifted …

Brand Loyalty

Consumer brand preference has switched during the pandemic

The Story: As with so many market dynamics, the COVID crisis has been a powerful catalyst for change impacting consumer …

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Branch Behavior: COVID Changes in Retail Banking

A roundup of six best practices the financial services industry is deploying during the global health crisis and beyond Like …

Branch Banking

Growing Market Share through Local Branch Banking

Using data-based intelligence and optimized format strategy to maximize the power of the branch network, even in our new COVID …