How Frost Bank is Inviting Everyone to Opt for Optimism

A global pandemic and an unfolding public health crisis has disrupted nearly every facet of life. An economic crisis impacting millions. Widespread social unrest and society’s reckoning with the painful impacts of inequality. Any way you look at it, it’s been a tough year, often making it nearly impossible to see the bright side of things. This is why Texas-based Frost Bank’s new platform Opt for Optimism is such an unexpected and welcome breath of fresh air.

This content-rich online experience is a clear recognition of – and answer to – our current challenges with easy-to-digest research on positive psychology, meaningful suggestions for both finance and life, and simple but powerful tools to improve one’s outlook on life, and therefore, improve financial wellbeing. Optimism Films shares beautifully-produced short documentaries on inspiring everyday people who faced challenges and overcame. And a social campaign extends the message with an Optimism At-Home Challenge designed to help build community and promote positive habits.

What makes Opt for Optimism such a successful sub-brand isn’t just its fresh colors, bold design, and upbeat, welcoming tone-of-voice. The site itself is a brilliant expression of the $60 billion bank brand’s values made visible. As coronavirus closed lobbies and limited the bank’s ability to connect with its customers in person, a pivot to delivering valuable content through digital and social channels is a model of how strong brand strategy and a purpose-driven approach can light the way forward. The site welcomes everyone – not just Frost customers – to engage and build community, and in so doing, to believe in banking’s power to connect us to each other and to its mission at a critical moment.

As the Opt for Optimism site puts it: “Our research made our mission clear: Help people become more optimistic and the rest will follow. We believe our mission is needed now more than ever.”

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Image credit: Frost Bank’s Opt for Optimism