Communicating Safety by Implementing Protective Equipment in the Branch

Reopening branch access to customers in the wake of a massive global pandemic is no easy feat. However, implementing health and safety measures can communicate a bank’s core mission: prioritizing people, both customers and staff, at a time of unprecedented uncertainty. That’s what KeyBank accomplished when they initiated and installed health guard screens for nearly all of their teller and platform areas inside their bank branches.

But finding and obtaining protective equipment in the midst of a widespread health event like COVID can prove to be a real challenge when retailers, healthcare providers, and financial institutions are all vying for the same products. So, KeyBank turned to one of their trusted partners to help support them in their safe reopening process.

Working with Adrenaline, the bank was able to secure acrylic to produce the final product to support their network-wide health guard program strategy. The overarching goal was to provide a physical safety barrier between staff and customers, which would ultimately provide peace-of-mind for their staff members and customers when they are sitting across from each other in consultation inside the branch.

The bank received massive kudos from both their team members and customers alike who were impressed by the bank’s quick and decisive action in implementing these safety measures, ultimately validating the kind of care and commitment the bank shows for its community. The end result was expediting the safe reopening of some of their branches by up to four-weeks, empowering KeyBank to continue serving their customers’ essential financial needs during even the most demanding of times.