Believe In Banking Podcast: Bloopers & Outtakes

As a holiday gift to our audience, we’re giving you a peek behind the curtain of producing a podcast. In this special episode, you’ll hear bumbles, bobbles and yes, even a choice curse word or two. Trust us when we say: It’s not all done in one take. In fact it rarely is!

Text Transcript

Sean Keathley: And as our holiday gift to our listeners, we’re going to admit that we didn’t do nine months of podcasts on the first take. Is that a good idea, Gina?

Gina Bleedorn: Here’s a little peek behind the scenes.

Gina Bleedorn: And I’m Gina Bleedorn… Sorry!

Sean Keathley: We’re going to have Avery on the podcast.

Gina Bleedorn: Oh no, do you hear her?

Sean Keathley: Yeah.

Gina Bleedorn: Oh sh- [crosstalk 00:00:35]

Lynn Medcalf: One more time from the top. One more time.

Sean Keathley: Both of us? Not just… I mean, I’ll make Gina feel better. Okay.

Gina Bleedorn: I’m sorry!

Sean Keathley: Gina is trying to take credit for that growth.

Brian: Haha She gets some credit for that.

Gina Bleedorn: Thanks, Brian.

Sean Keathley: That broke a record for the least amount of progress-

Gina Bleedorn: I’m sorry!

Sean Keathley: I’m requesting that Gina’s relationship is only in podcast because you make her agree and reaffirm with me, and this is wonderful.

Gina Bleedorn: I stopped him. I was like… When we came in and we had both listened to the podcast, he said, “Gina, in our podcast, you agree with everything I say. It’s amazing.” He was so happy.

Gina Bleedorn: Well, I kind of like to pretend to be a futurist in my free time.

Sean Keathley: I’m Sean Keathley, president and CEO of Adrenaline, and this… No, I should say that in different order if Gina’s going to go next. Right? Okay, got it. You’d think we had done this before. Okay.

Gina Bleedorn: Like confused about who I was!

Sean Keathley: So Gina, there’s a train going by as we start. Hold on a second.

Gina Bleedorn: There is, isn’t there?

Lynn Medcalf: Sean, I need you to do that all over again. It’s perfect! Do it again.

Sean Keathley: “Perfect! Do it again.”

Gina Bleedorn: I feel like… Just a second… I’m…

Speaker 5: What?

Speaker 6: Totally in sync. Nailing it!

Speaker 7: Can you say “asshat” on this show?

Gina Bleedorn: We can. We’re allowed to say that here on our podcast. And that is a beautiful story, and honestly, a representation of the type of leader that you are. Not an asshat, but the fact that you’re willing to put up a letter of someone calling you an asshat… I’m sorry!

Sean Keathley: Do you want to speak to us a little bit about that? That decision… [crosstalk 00:02:32] I don’t know what that is, so I just said “that”.

Lynn Medcalf: That was the shortest amount of content ever recorded before laughter ensued. I think it was maybe eight seconds. I don’t know. So Sean, you don’t have to do your part again. Gina, you have to do your part.

Sean Keathley: Awesome.

Gina Bleedorn: I’m sorry!

Sean Keathley: What do I say?

Lynn Medcalf: “This is our podcast for Believe in Banking. I’m Sean Keathley, president and CEO of Adrenaline.”

Lynn Medcalf: “And I’m Gina Bleedorn.”

Sean Keathley: This always sounds better when you say it.

Gina Bleedorn: Could we print a poster for Sean’s office? [crosstalk 00:03:15] He can make a little wallet card that he carries around.

Gina Bleedorn: Maybe a wallet card would be better than a poster that other people could see.

Sean Keathley: Now I’ve forgotten. Is it “Welcome, this is…” or “This is…”?

Sean Keathley: Here we go. Poster card up. One, two, three.